An Infected Veterinarian Suffers The First Implantation Of The Penis/Scrotum


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The first organ and scrotum transplant in the world took place about a month ago in one of the American veterans who were injured in Afghanistan, doctors said.

“We hope that this implant will help restore this young man’s normal urinary and quasi-natural functions,” said surgical team member Dr. WB. Andrew Lee Professor and director of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

According to a Hopkins press release, nine cosmetic surgeons and two urologists performed a 14-hour operation on March 26. The transplant of a deceased donor included the entire penis, the scrotum (without testicles) and the partial abdominal wall.

It is not easy to accept, “said the recipient, who wished to remain anonymous.” When I woke up at the beginning, I finally felt healthier with a level of confidence too, “he said in the press release.

The man has recovered from an organ transplant and is expected to leave the hospital this week.

In his interview in the New York Times, the veteran described that he suffered his injuries, which occurred after he stepped on a hidden bomb. Both legs were lost above the knee, but the genital infection was more devastating.

“This injury, I felt that she had deprived me of the relationship,” he told The Times last week. “That’s it, I’m done, you’re alone for the rest of your life.” I even fought to show myself as a human being for a long time. ”

Who asked not to be identified because of the stigma surrounding genital injuries.

“We hope to be able to regain sexual function in terms of spontaneous erection and orgasm,” Lee told the newspaper.

However, the recipients who received the medication did not receive testicular donors as part of the transplant process. Receiving these devices may allow the patient to go to the father with his sperm, which is considered immoral in medical terms.

The patient is currently receiving testosterone to compensate for testicular deficiency, as well as Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction, to promote erectile function.

As with any organ transplant, the rejection of the transplanted tissue of the patient is a concern, so it also receives immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the risk of rejection.

He explained that it is possible to rebuild the penis using tissues from other parts of the body, but the implant is necessary to allow for an erection, which is a much greater risk of infection.

Lee also noted that due to other injuries, soldiers often do not have enough usable tissues from other parts of their bodies to rebuild the penis, so transplantation was the only good option. The veteran in this case waited more than a year for a viable donor. The cost of the surgery is between $ 300,000 and $ 400,000, but in this case, Hopkins paid the bill and the surgical team worked for free.

The exact need for these types of operations remains unclear, but the document says that Pentagon data show that more than 1,300 men have been injured in the urinary system in Iraq or Afghanistan, with almost a third of the injuries to the penis. .

The patient said that he went through difficult times after infection and kept his genital loss a secret for everyone.

“There were times when I went out and the men talked about the damage, and that’s one of the first things they explode in, to review and say things like:” If you lost me and you told the Times “I killed myself.” “I’m sitting there, they do not know, I know they did not mean any offense, but it’s like hitting you in the gut.”

Suicidal thoughts went beyond his mind, but “when I think about killing myself, I think, will I really kill myself on a penis?”

Then, he underwent physical therapy, learned to walk with artificial legs and even obtained a university degree in the years after the injury. Now he plans to attend the School of Medicine.

But intimate relationships seemed unattainable, because he was afraid to reveal his injury.

However, the future seems brighter now, the man told the newspaper.

Goals? “Do a good job in school, go to medical school and continue my career as a doctor, find my niche in this area and excel alone.” Maybe settle down and maybe end up finding someone, establishing a relationship, maybe just those common things. “

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