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Male sexual health with Male Extra

In order to improve male sexual health, sexual stamina and erection resistance, the Male Extra dietary supplement offers a very suitable treatment that is also suitable for the problems of premature ejaculation.

Male Extra, to last longer in bed and regain true self-confidence also in terms of sexual performance. Male Extra does not stop there, it boosts the libido but it also allows to increase the size of the penis both on its circumference and on its length. To fully satisfy his partner and give him pleasure and orgasms, to get Male Extra, it is available for purchase on the internet. To discover and know this food and medical supplement, follow the guide …

Presentation of Male Extra, dietary and medical supplement

Food supplement and medical, Male Extra has been developed to improve male sexual performance to even improve all male sexual disorders.

These are the Wolfson Berg Laboratories that are at the origin of this product which has been a great success for a dozen years around the world.

It appears that many men highlight the benefits of Male Extra and seem to be happy with the improvements made in their sex lives. Male sexual health has made it possible to develop a life of a couple, which counts enormously and precisely for many couples.

For a real global sexual care for men, it seems interesting to develop in more detail Male Extra is made from natural products and plant extracts.

The composition and shares of Male Extra

Male Extra offers natural active substances that all act in their own way on male sexual health.

In terms of actions, Male Extra acts smoothly and safely on the entire penile ecosystem to boost the potential of this organ.

Sexual stamina is also improved as the rigidity of the erection, indeed and, especially for erectile disorders, blood circulation plays an important role. A strong blood flow allows for a harder and more lasting erection, thus, Male Extra, causes and stimulates sexual stimuli and thus promotes the blood supply of penile vessels that dilate more easily to gorge themselves with blood, the erection is thus more resistant and more durable.

The natural ingredients that make up Male Extra are:

500 mg of pomegranate extract, a fruit rich in antioxidants very beneficial to general health and also sexual health, which helps in particular to thin the blood circulation. The increase in nitric oxide in the blood, for pomegranate, is provided by the ellagen that is contained in this fruit. A true vasodilator, this natural component smooths the blood flow of all organs including the penis.

600 mg of L-Arginine which represents an amino acid which also plays a role in the regulation of nitric oxide and therefore of the blood circulation. Since this amino acid has been previously studied for sexual disorders and has brought its benefits, Male Extra could not miss out on its composition.

The improvement of the blood circulation from a total point of view for the body is beneficial to treat many ailments including that of high blood pressure, Male Extra therefore carries and also health benefits in general. For good penis exercises, the stimulation that Male Extra proves to be beneficial. This actually promotes endurance the hardness of the erection.

To further enhance the erection firmness, MSM is also found in Male Extra’s composition, methyl sulfonyl methane, which is one of the minerals that help to fluidify blood flow and act in regeneration and cellular reconstruction. It is an excellent detoxifier for the blood and a good compound for the immune system.

Methionine is another amino acid that must be added to the body because it does not produce it itself. It helps fight against bone and cartilage degradation, it also helps to fight against hair loss and is recommended to strengthen the nails.

For sexual health, this compound can delay the arrival of ejaculation, thanks to the production of histamine that inhibits the hypersensitivity of the penis. Indeed, it is important to know that the higher the histamine levels, the faster the ejaculation. Thus methionine regulates levels, it is also a compound that stimulates libido.

Zinc is also a mineral found in Male Extra, it is an essential mineral that plays an important role in the production of testosterone. The pituitary that secretes many hormones is thus nourished by zinc, people who have low levels of zinc also produce little testosterone. Deficiencies of zinc are widespread in individuals, we should eat oysters every day to hope to have a correct rate, in everyday life is not the case, and so, to hope to consume the 11 mg of zinc recommended daily, Male Extra largely fills this gap since the capsules have 150 mg of zinc.

Male Extra is also composed of cordyceps, it is a Chinese fungus very recognized in Chinese medicine. This mushroom offers benefits on the immune system and it restores energy. It is also an aphrodisiac, which is why its action promotes sexual stimulation. It recognizes adaptogenic virtues that also limit the state of stress. Thus, energies, whether physical, psychological or intellectual are reboosted with this mushroom. Male Extra in its capsules therefore offers 25 mg of cordyceps.

For a good erection, Male Extra is also composed of this vitamin B3 called Niacin. This vitamin is known in the treatments of hypercholesterolemia and to fight against the hardening of the arteries thus atherosclerosis. Here again, the blood circulation is favored and Male Extra counts in his capsules 18 mg of Niacin.

We also summarize the virtues of Male Extra in three modes of action that are:

  • a stimulated libido, penile exercises that make the penis stronger, harder, bigger and even bigger.
  • offers a comprehensive care for physical health in general.
  • a composition that offers ingredients that play a positive role in the vitality, fertility and quality of spermatozoa.

Reviews of Male Extra, dosage, tips, and how to get it?

As for the opinions given by the consumers themselves, it is often difficult to obtain, because sexuality for most men is still a taboo subject.

However, for those who have kindly convey their opinions on the Male Extra supplement, all highlight the benefits on health in general for the energy provided, the benefits for a better libido and also on better performances and more endurance during sexual intercourse, on the other hand, the opinions are very limited as far as the lengthening of the penis is concerned.

It should be noted, however, that users noticed a marked improvement in their sexual performance in the weeks following the start of Male Extra treatment. Depending on the individual, the effects are felt more or less early, between a few weeks of treatment and for others a few months.

For the promises of enlargement of the penis, they are not respected in most cases, some people note an improvement in the length and the circumference of the penis during the treatment, but these effects seem ephemeral, by against the actions on the performances and the sexual sensations are well with the treatment Male Extra.

Dosage of Male Extra

For the dosage of the treatment, just take three pills or capsules a day before the meal.

Thus and contrary to the treatments which are addressed to the sexual disorders and which are taken before a sexual relation, Male Extra is taken every day in the form of a cure and thus for three capsules per day. You can start your treatment whenever you want, do not interrupt until the effects are not felt, sometimes it is necessary to have a little patience, usually it takes between 2 to 4 weeks for to feel the improvements and especially on the erection. For penile changes they are most often noticed after 3 to 6 months of treatment. To enhance the effects of Male Extra, penile exercises are highly recommended.

Male Extra is safe for health, this treatment is for all men over 18, for all body types, for all men who wish to improve their sexual performance and regulate sexual problems that are problematic.

Even if the treatment is based on natural products and also plants, it is however necessary to check the drug interactions, it is not rare that natural elements can also be inhibited or short circuit, so, it is necessary just to be careful.

It should not exceed the recommended dose, namely, three pills a day, some trace elements and vitamins at higher doses could be dangerous.

In order not to take the slightest risk on your health, you must first make sure you are not allergic to any of the natural components of Male Extra. To be reassured from this point of view, you can seek advice from your doctor. If you are taking medical treatment, you should ask your doctor if any drug interactions may occur. People with heart problems should seek advice.

To buy Male Extra, as this product is made from natural products and as it is qualified without danger, we can find this treatment in some physical pharmacies or otherwise it is possible to order it on the internet, sometimes at a more interesting price.

For more security, however, it is recommended to place an order through the official website of the manufacturer:

At what price for Male Extra?

Regarding the price of Male Extra, from the official website of the manufacturer, you should know that interesting offers are often offered. Thus, for a box the price is around 48.45 euros, you can opt for the cure of 4 boxes + a free gel for 154.95 euros, or the cure of six boxes with 2 gels as a gift for the sum of 189,80 euros, in the latter case you save 267,85 euros.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a 100% refund with its 60-day warranty, so the unsatisfied consumer can be reimbursed.

Another reason to try the Male Extra cure if you want to feel better and perform longer in bed!

To regain self-confidence, to satisfy your partner, to reboost your sex life, you can count now on the recognized benefits of Male Extra.

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