Eating Vegetables Can Improve Your Aged Brain


Teal Farms Keto NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who eat green leafy vegetables every day can keep more brains as they get older, according to a new study.

The researchers found that compared to people who rarely eat leafy vegetables, those who ate at least one meal a day showed slow brain aging. It was as if they were 11 years old, in terms of their brain functions. Maxwell Keto

The findings, published in the December 20 issue of the journal Neurology, did not prove that vegetables, in themselves, slow brain aging.

“You can not make this kind of conclusion based on studies like this,” said Keith Fargo, director of education and science programs on Alzheimer’s. Instead, the results of the study suggest a relationship between the two.

But the results were added to the larger image, Fargo said. He did not participate in the search.

There is growing evidence of how important diet and other lifestyle factors are in brain aging, he said.

According to Martha Clare Morris, the study’s principal investigator, when it comes to food, green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage and cabbage, emerged from the package. teal farms keto shark tank

Morris, a professor at the University of Roche Medical Center in Chicago, said her team wanted to look for nutrients that might be involved.

The researchers found that some nutrients, such as vitamin K, folic acid and lutein, seem to represent a large proportion of the relationship between green leafy vegetables and slow brain aging.

However, this does not mean that people should skip vegetables in favor of dietary supplements, as confirmed by Maurice and Fargo.

Based on the research done so far, Morris said: “It is already the food sources of these nutrients that seem important.” teal farms keto and apple cider vinegar

He explained that foods provide a complex balance of nutrients that are not repeated in the pill. In addition, the variety of foods in a person’s diet is important. For example, Morris said, some nutrients from leafy vegetables are better absorbed when eaten with fat, such as oil-based salad sauce.

The study included 960 people between 58 and 99 years of age who answered questions about their diet and lifestyle. Participants also received standard tests of memory and other mental abilities.

People who are at the top 20 percent to eat an intake of green leaves, usually eat a part a day. Morris said it was just a cup of raw vegetable salad or half a cup of cooked spinach, cabbage or collage, for example.

On average, these people showed a slow decline in mental abilities, compared to their peers who rarely had leafy vegetables.

Morris said the difference was 11 years old.

“This does not prove the cause and the effect,” he admitted. “But you really can not make a mistake when you add paper vegetables to your diet.”

She also has some advice on how to do this. CLA Extract

“There is a misconception that raw vegetables are always better,” Morris said. But when it comes to fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin E and lutein, you’ll get more for your efforts if you cook the vegetables, he said.

Once again, however, eating those vegetables cooked with fat will increase the absorption of nutrients, he explained.

Fargo agreed that he would not make a mistake when eating leafy vegetables, but he also urged people to focus on their lifestyle in general.

In the 2015 review of medical research, Fargo noted, the Alzheimer’s Association found good evidence that many lifestyle measures can help maintain aging brain health.

These measures include:

  • Regular exercise
  • No Smoking
  • Keep a healthy weight.

Keep the cardiovascular system in good condition (for example, control high blood pressure and diabetes).

Stay mentally (reading or learning new skills, for example).

The Alzheimer’s Association also identified healthy eating habits. An example is a Mediterranean diet: high in vegetables, fish, whole grains, healthy unsaturated fats and low in sweets, red meats and processed foods.

Fargo said: “You do not want to do one of these things alone in isolation.” “Probably everyone is working together.”

Clinical trials test the effects of diet and other lifestyle measures that are already underway. Fargo said the Alzheimer’s Association was launching an American experiment called POINTER, which would test a variety of methods, including changes in diet, exercise and mental and social involvement.

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